Monday, January 17, 2011

Uhuru-Wazobia Continues....

It was supposed to be some type of rebirth but it really is more like a continuation. We still believe in the same things.

Firstly, we ask for and expect Freedom - Uhuru. Freedom from things and people who oppress us. Freedom from our insecurities as LGBT Africans living in the West. Freedom to fulfill our true sense of self as we grow and live in places many of us do not call "home". Freedom to retain our places and significance in places we do call "home",

We also say Welcome - Wazobia. Welcome to a place where we can be heard. Welcome to a place that upholds the freedom to be heard without the censorship present in other places. Welcome to a place where we uphold the right to share yourself without the self imposed limits we often place on our mouths and our thoughts.